28th November 2022

Scarborough Herring Girls.

Scarborough Herring Girls

One thought on “Scarborough Herring Girls.

  1. I was told by my mother that we had a female relative who lived in Scarborough and was very well known by the locals. She may have started out as a fish girl, but mum said she wheeled a barrow through the Scarborough streets, selling seafood and that she was a bit of a character. Unfortunately I don’t have any more information about her, but her maiden name might have been Watson, which was my Grandma’s maiden name and their family came from Scotland originally. As well as the Watsons my Grandma’s other relatives were called Kirk. I wondered if there was anything in the archive about her, a long shot I know, but I thought I would ask, just in case.
    Thank you
    Kindest regards,
    John Wheeldon

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